BRANDT changes name to RSM Danmark

We make you stronger - beyond all borders

BRANDT auditing & consulting has existed since 1955 and has over the years grown to be nationwide and among Denmark's largest auditing houses. We have more than 200 skilled and committed employees whose competencies you can pull on daily in your company.


Although it is literally a team strong in numbers, we will in the future be even stronger in numbers, advisory services and service far beyond the country's borders. In the summer of 2020, we joined an international network, RSM Global, giving you instant access to 48,000 specialists in 120 countries. RSM Global is the world's 6th largest audit collaboration with a focus on the SME market.

New name, same people

From 1 June, we will change our name to RSM Denmark. We do this to emphasize that we fully enter into the collaboration to strengthen our position so that we can offer you the best possible services domestic and abroad.


It is still the same people you meet with us - and no, of course you do not have to learn Spanish, French or Chinese if you feel like conquering new markets or entering into trade agreements across continents. This is exactly where we can really help add value.


Our task is also in the future to ensure you our extraordinary attention, security, and presence. We are the innovative and value-creating auditor for small and medium-sized companies in Denmark - now with access to a strong international network.

How can we help you?

You are akways welcome to contact us at one of our offices in Denmark or write a mail.

Please write company name and your details for a meeting. 


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